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Ohio Business Systems Inc

Reputation:         ⭐ 5.0

Google               5.0 / 5 (4)
Yelp                    N / A
Birdeye               5.0 / 5 (5)

Professionalism:                   ⭐ 4.80

Technical Expertise           4.75
Helpfulness                        4.85
Product Range                   4.80
Responsiveness                 4.70
Friendliness                        4.90

❝OBS recently leased a copier from Meyers Landscape and was so impressed that we switched our main location copier to them! They beat our existing provider on price and exceeded every expectation. Installation was a breeze, and we’re thrilled with the machine and their responsiveness. Highly recommended!❞ – Nancy Applegate-Doyle (04/2022)

Website Phone: +1 614-846-1510
Ohio Business Systems Inc Columbus, OH

Piper Cobey Copier Service

Reputation:          ⭐ 5.0

Google                5.0 / 5 (3)
Yelp                     N / A
Birdeye                N / A

Professionalism:              ⭐ 4.84

Technical Expertise      4.82
Responsiveness            4.89
Reliability                       4.75
Guarantees                    4.90
Friendliness                   4.85

❝My company has been working with John Piper for about five years now. He has handled every problem or upgrade we’ve had very easily. His pricing is more than fair, and he is punctual and gets the job done. Frankly, one of the best service providers I’ve ever worked with. I recommend them very highly.❞ – Hugh Cathey (09/2023)

Website Phone: +1 614-262-7896
Piper Cobey Copier Service Columbus, OH

US Laser

Reputation:          ⭐ 4.8

Google                4.8 / 5 (70)
Yelp                     N / A
Birdeye                4.8 / 5 (70)

Professionalism:              ⭐ 4.73

Technical Expertise      4.85
Responsiveness            4.75
Reliability                       4.60
Guarantees                    4.55
Friendliness                   4.90

❝Finding laser printer repair in Columbus can be tough, but US Laser is a lifesaver! My Brother printer went haywire after a toner leak, leaving everything printed with a weird gray cast. US Laser did an amazing job cleaning it. Now my prints and copies are crisp black and white again! They’ll definitely get my business from now on. Highly recommend!❞ – Trevor Payne (02/2023)

Website Phone: +1 614-487-3373
US Laser Columbus, OH

Lake Business Products

Reputation:         ⭐ 4.7

Google               4.7 / 5 (13)
Yelp                    N / A
Birdeye               N / A

Professionalism:                   ⭐ 4.69

Technical Expertise           4.75
Helpfulness                        4.55
Product Range                   4.85
Responsiveness                 4.40
Friendliness                        4.90

❝I have  been working with Lake Business products for over 20+ years.  Always professional and knowledgeable about their products.  The service has been outstanding.  They go above and beyond to help the customer.  I would strongly recommend them regardless the size of the organization; they can tailor a solution to fit the needs of the business.  As we grew, they provided solutions to grow with us.❞ – Cindy Spittler (01/2021)

Website Phone: +1 440-953-1199
Lake Business Products Columbus, OH