Forward Technology Solutions Review (Milwaukee, WI)

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Forward Technology Solutions Review

Quick Details

NameForward Technology Solutions
Address: 1540 S 113th St, West Allis, WI 53214
Year in Business: 50 years.
Google Business Profile Rating: 5/5
Facebook Rating: 5/5
Yelp Rating: N/A
BirdEye Rating: N/A

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In-Depth Look at Forward Technology Solutions

Diving into Forward Technology Solutions (Forward TS), we’re looking at a company that’s been a staple in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for office tech solutions. This review is all about giving you the lowdown on what makes Forward TS tick, especially if you’re in the market for a copier but want the full scoop on the business first. Let’s break it down.

The Backstory

Kicking things off in 1974 as Office Copying Equipment, Ltd., Forward TS has quite the legacy. They were the first in Wisconsin to get the nod as an authorized Sharp copier dealer, which is no small feat. Fast forward a bit, and we see the company evolving, especially with Timothy Sett stepping up in 2021 to steer the ship towards integrating IT solutions with their bread-and-butter copier services.

What’s on Offer

Forward TS isn’t just about copiers. They’ve got a whole suite of services aimed at boosting business efficiency. From Managed IT Services that keep your tech in check, to cutting-edge MFPs & Printers, and even Interactive/Professional Displays that make your presentations pop. They’re all about leveraging technology to push your business forward.

The Quality Seal

The company’s dedication to quality shines through their partnership with Sharp for office equipment. It’s a big deal because it means customers get access to top-notch products backed by Forward TS’s specialized technicians. Products like the Sharp BP-90C80 and BP-70C55 stand out for their stellar image quality and feature set, designed to ramp up productivity.

Customer First Approach

Forward TS takes their customer service game seriously. They’re big on personal touch, offering free audits of printer fleets to help businesses get a handle on their costs and efficiency. This approach has earned them rave reviews, with a solid 5.0 rating from users on Google Maps, highlighting their commitment to top-tier service.

Rooted in Community

As a family-owned biz, Forward TS has deep ties to Southeastern Wisconsin. Their journey through growth and change, especially after the loss of President Tom Sett, showcases their resilience and community commitment. The expansion of their services to include IT solutions reflects their ambition to support customer growth in more ways than one.

Looking Ahead

With the shift towards becoming a more comprehensive technology solutions provider, Forward TS is setting the stage for an exciting future. By broadening their service and product lineup to include more IT solutions, they’re positioning themselves as a one-stop shop for business technology needs.

Wrapping Up

Forward Technology Solutions stands as a testament to what a company can achieve with a focus on quality, customer service, and a willingness to evolve. Their blend of traditional and modern tech solutions makes them a standout choice for businesses looking to enhance their office technology setup. With a history of excellence and a vision for the future, Forward TS is definitely a company worth considering for your technology needs.