Printing costs can be really expensive, as many businesses spend as much as 3% of their revenue on printing. Printing can be a costly affair, especially when you have a high volume of printing needs. 

Fortunately, there is a solution: Managed Print Services (MPS) can reduce total printing costs by up to 30%. But not only that, MPS helps you streamline your printing processes, improve your document security, and reduce your environmental impact.

To compare the true cost of managed print service pricing, fill out the form now.

Compare Actual Managed Print Services Pricing

To compare the true cost of managed print services, fill out the form now.

  • The average managed print services cost per page is around $0.01 to $0.05 per page.
  • Compare up to 5 quotes to get accurate managed print services pricing.
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How Much Do Managed Print Services Cost?

So, how much does managed print services cost?

The cost of managed print services can be anywhere from $0.01 to $0.05 per page. However, the average MPS cost per page can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of service, volume, location, and the organization’s unique needs. 

Managed Print Services Cost

For that reason, we would recommend you get multiple quotes from different providers and compare the prices to find the best deals. To make things easier, you can fill out the form below, and we will provide up to five MPS provider quotes. 

Managed Print Services Pricing

When it comes to Managed Print Services pricing, it can vary widely depending on the specific needs of your business and organization. 

So to get the exact cost of managed print services, get multiple quotes and compare the prices. 

How Managed Print Services Cost is Calculated

Managed Print Services (MPS) costs are calculated based on several factors that affect the overall pricing of the service. To help you understand how MPS costs are calculated and the factors that can affect them, we’ve put together a list below.

Factors Affecting Managed Print Services Cost:

  • Device Volume: The number of printers, copiers, and multifunction devices being managed.
  • Page Volume: The number of pages being printed or copied each month.
  • Service Level: The level of service required, such as on-site support or remote monitoring.
  • Supplies: The cost of toner, ink, and other printing supplies.
  • Software: The cost of software used to manage and optimize print operations.
  • Implementation: The cost of setting up and configuring MPS.
  • Location: The location of the devices being managed can affect the cost due to factors such as shipping and travel costs.
  • Contract Length: Longer contracts may result in lower monthly costs.
  • Customization: Additional services or customization can increase the cost of MPS.

Managed Print Services Pricing Model

Cost ModelDescriptionProsCons
Cost per PageCharges are based on the number of pages printed or copiedEasy to understand and budget for, helps to control costsMay not account for variations in print quality or usage
Cost per DeviceCharges are based on the number of devices being managedProvides a clear pricing structure, allows for easy cost comparison between providersMay not account for variations in device usage or print volumes
Fixed FeeA flat monthly fee is charged regardless of usageProvides predictable costs, may encourage more efficient usageMay not be cost-effective for organizations with low print volumes
CustomizedCharges are tailored to the specific needs of the organization, based on a comprehensive analysis of usage and requirementsProvides the most accurate pricing structure based on usage, can lead to significant cost savingsMay require more time and resources to implement, can be more difficult to understand and budget for

It’s important to consider the unique needs and usage patterns of your organization when choosing an MPS cost model. 

Be sure to ask your MPS provider about their pricing structure and what is included in their services. Additionally, ask for a detailed cost analysis to determine the ROI and overall value of the service.

Managed Print Services Questions to Ask Your MPS Provider

When choosing an MPS provider, you should ask them the following questions to ensure they can meet your printing needs:

Questions to Ask
  1. What services do you offer?
  2. What is your pricing structure?
  3. How do you handle maintenance and repairs?
  4. What software solutions do you offer?
  5. How do you handle document security?
  6. Can you provide references from other businesses you have worked with?

Choosing the Right Managed Print Services Provider

By considering the criteria below when choosing an MPS provider, you can find a provider that can meet your printing needs effectively and efficiently.

Services OfferedChoose an MPS provider that offers the services you need, such as device management, supplies management, document management, and workflow optimization.
Pricing StructureChoose an MPS provider that offers a transparent and reasonable pricing structure that fits your budget.
ExperienceChoose an MPS provider with extensive experience in managing printing needs for businesses like yours.
CertificationsChoose an MPS provider with certifications from industry-standard organizations such as ISO or HIPAA.
ReferencesAsk for references from other businesses that have used the same MPS provider and check their reputation.
ReviewsRead online reviews from other businesses to get an idea of their experience with the MPS provider.
CustomizationChoose an MPS provider that can provide a customized solution that meets your specific printing needs.
Maintenance and SupportChoose an MPS provider that offers ongoing maintenance and support for your printing infrastructure.
Reporting and AnalysisChoose an MPS provider that provides detailed reporting and analysis of your printing usage.
Environmental SustainabilityChoose an MPS provider that is committed to environmental sustainability and can offer eco-friendly printing solutions.
Document SecurityChoose an MPS provider that can implement secure printing solutions and monitor your print usage to improve your document security.

How to Manage Your MPS Costs Effectively

There are several ways to manage your MPS costs effectively:

  • Audit Your Printing Needs: Conduct an audit of your printing needs to identify areas where you can reduce your print volume.
  • Optimize Your Printing Infrastructure: Implement an optimized printing infrastructure to reduce your printing costs.
  • Choose the Right MPS Provider: Choose an MPS provider that offers a cost-effective solution that meets your printing needs.
  • Monitor Your Printing Usage: Monitor your printing usage to identify areas where you can reduce your print volume.
  • Negotiate Your Contract: Negotiate your contract with your MPS provider to get the best deal.

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