Print advertising remains remarkably effective and resilient in an era dominated by digital media. A compelling blend of traditional and digital advertising strategies has resulted in a 400% increase in the effectiveness of online campaigns, indicating a synergistic power between the print and digital realms. 

Furthermore, print ads command an impressive level of consumer trust, with 82% of shoppers preferring them as their most trusted source when making purchasing decisions. This trust factor significantly influences consumer behavior. 

Additionally, the impact of print ads on brand recall is noteworthy, with a 77% higher recall rate compared to 46% for digital advertisements. This statistic highlights the enduring impression print media leaves on its audience. To further explore this dynamic field, I’ve compiled a list of insightful print advertising statistics; a brief overview is provided below.

Print Advertising Statistics: Key Numbers

  • 82% of consumers trust print ads the most when making a purchase decision.
  • 90% of print ads are opened.
  • People who receive print ads buy 28% more items and spend 28% more than those who do not receive print ads.
  • Print marketing has a 31% higher recall rate than digital advertising.
  • 77% of consumers remember print ads, compared to 46% for digital-only brands. rate for digital-only brands.
  • 61% of readers trust newspaper ads, and 42% trust online ads.
  • Print and direct mail marketing have a 9% customer response rate, while other digital marketing channels have 1% or less.
  • The global print media market grew from $319.47 billion in 2022 to $326.52 billion in 2023.
  • 79% of households read or scan direct mail advertisements.
  • 56% of consumers think that print marketing is the most trustworthy type of marketing.

Effectiveness of Print Advertising Statistics

  • 82% of consumers trust print ads the most when making a purchase decision.
  • Print advertising has a higher return on investment of 112% than other forms of advertising.
  • Print ads have a 77% higher brand recall than digital ads, which have a 46% higher recall.

Online Advertising Vs Print Advertising Statistics

  • Combining print and digital ads made online campaigns 400% more effective.
  • 77% higher brand recall for print ads vs. 46% for digital ads.
  • Print advertisements are 20% more effective than digital advertisements at motivating people to take action.
  • The average response rate for print advertisements is 9%, whereas the response rates for email, paid search, social media, and online display are approximately 1% and 0.3%, respectively.

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#1. Combined Print-Digital Campaigns Yield 400% Boost in Online Effectiveness.

Source: Socal News Group

Insight from DataRationale
Synergy of print and digital amplifies reach.Combining mediums taps into diverse audiences, enhancing overall exposure.
Print boosts digital campaign efficacy.Physical ads can drive curiosity, leading users to seek digital content.
Multi-channel approach maximizes engagement.Engaging users on multiple fronts ensures more touchpoints and recall.

#2. Print Ad Recipients Spend and Buy 28% More Than Non-Recipients.

Source: SmallBizGenius

Insight from DataRationale
Print ads boost purchasing.People exposed to print ads tend to buy more items compared to those who aren’t.
Print ads increase expenditure.Those who receive print ads are inclined to spend more money.
Print ads have a tangible impact.The tangible nature of print ads may lead to a more memorable and influential advertising experience.

#3. Print Marketing Outperforms Digital with 31% Higher Recall Rate.

Insight from DataRationale
Print marketing enhances memory recall.The tactile experience of handling print materials may stimulate memory retention more effectively.
Digital advertising lags in retention.Despite its prevalence, digital advertising doesn’t resonate as deeply in consumers’ memories.
Print remains a potent marketing tool.In an age dominated by digital, the enduring power of print marketing cannot be underestimated.

#4. Print Advertisements: 77% Brand Recall Rate Versus Digital’s 46%.

Print Advertisements 77% Brand Recall Rate Versus Digital's 46%

Source: Cash4Toners

Insight from DataRationale
Print ads have a higher recall rateA significant majority of consumers (77%) remember print ads, indicating their effectiveness.
Digital-only brands lag in recallOnly 46% of consumers remember ads from digital-only brands, suggesting a lower impact.
Print remains a potent advertising mediumThe disparity in recall rates underscores the enduring power of print in the advertising realm.

#5. Trust in Newspaper Ads at 61%; Online Ads at 42%.

Source: Top Media Advertising

Insight from DataRationale
Newspapers are a more trusted ad mediumA significant 61% of readers place their trust in newspaper ads, showcasing their credibility.
Online ads face trust challengesWith only 42% of readers trusting online ads, there’s a perceptible trust gap in the digital domain.
Traditional media retains trust advantageThe data emphasizes the enduring trustworthiness of traditional media platforms over digital ones.

#6. Print Direct Mail Commands 9% Response; Digital Channels Barely 1%.

Source: R.C. Brayshaw

Insight from DataRationale
Print and direct mail lead in customer engagementA notable 9% customer response rate for print and direct mail signifies their strong engagement potential.
Digital channels lag significantly in response ratesMost digital marketing channels muster a response rate of 1% or less, indicating a challenge in capturing attention.
Traditional methods maintain a response superiorityThe stark difference in response rates underscores the enduring efficacy of traditional marketing techniques.

#7. Global Print Media Market Rises to $326.52 Billion in 2023.

Source: The Business Research Company

Insight from DataRationale
Print media market exhibits positive growthThe rise from $319.47 billion in 2022 to $326.52 billion in 2023 demonstrates a healthy growth trajectory.
Print remains a resilient industryDespite digital advancements, the print media market’s growth indicates its sustained relevance and demand.
The industry added $7.05 billion in a yearThis substantial increase within a year underscores the robustness and vitality of the global print market.

#8. 79% of Households Engage with Direct-Mail Advertisements.

Source: Graphics Zoo

Insight from DataRationale
Direct mail remains a widely engaged mediumA significant 79% of households engage with direct mail advertisements, highlighting its pervasive reach.
Households show active interest in direct mailThe act of reading or scanning suggests that direct mail captures attention and is not merely discarded.
The traditional advertising method retains potencyDespite the digital age, the high engagement rate with direct mail underscores its enduring effectiveness.

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